Couples Counseling

Couples Therapy/Marriage Counseling can help you to rediscover your love!

If your relationship is in distress usually you both know it, but you aren’t sure how to fix things, or if you really want to. This is where couples therapy or marriage counseling can help. Most couples go through rough patches in their relationship. But if those rough patches go on too long, they can affect the quality of your life and even your physical health. 

Communication and empathy are key elements of maintaining healthy attachment and relational bonds with other people.  If each party is willing to make an effort, healthy communication and an empathetic understanding can help heal the wounds that have created distance. 

In addition to working on communication in therapy, it’s help to acknowledge the essential foundation of love and relationships is to first love your self. To learn to love our self first, creates the best possibility for a healthy relationship with another. To love ourselves means learning to get to know our self at a deep level.


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Diane Hough, MA, MFT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice with offices in Kentfield, and Woodacre. Diane draws from the transformational power of various powerful methods and tools she’s learned in her 24 years of counseling and coaching others. Her therapeutic style encourages the unfolding of blocked patterns with the process of accessing resources of inner wisdom. Diane has worked with many couples and can assist you taking the next step in healing and deepening your relationships.

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