Finding your center in challenging times

What have you been feeling lately in these challenging times?
Many people are feeling exhausted with what has been happening on the planet in these last two years. The world is in its own pace of pivotal change and there have been a lot of changes lately.
It may even seem like things are collapsing or falling apart. We live on a planet where dark and light co-exist and have existed for thousands of years. We would all love to see the earth become a more balanced and peaceful place. But possibly what is happening is happening so that things can come together in a new way.

What is arising for you during these challenging times?

And can you just be with what is arising and coming up in you without immediately going to change it?
Yes, of course sometimes it’s good to be in a more motivational space to make whatever changes you are wanting to make in your life, whether that’s eating better or creating a business or taking action toward something and letting go of a bad habit.
But sometimes just allowing and holding a space for what is arising in you is the healing itself. The not needing to change you, but the accepting and loving yourself in the midst of all feelings and emotions.
Can you be with an energy or feeling that feels unloved inside of you, or ashamed or angry? Because, we all have all the emotions and at this time on the planet many things are coming up that are bringing up deep feelings within us.
Can you just be with yourself even if you’re feeling unloved or scared or angry and not need to change it or make yourself wrong for it?
Can you just be present with what is, not running, from whatever it is?
Are you in a pattern of changing or going to the next thing because you’re scared or lonely? And can you just accept that feeling underneath instead of running to the next thing?
Maybe you’re running to food or alcohol or sex or work to cope with those feelings. And if so, that is Ok too. Just notice what or how you are being with what arises.
And what if instead of running to an addictive pattern, you can rest with whatever is here, creating a loving space and experiencing life rather always trying to change it?
We all have an inner child that’s scared or sad about this or that thing happening. And what if you could just be present with and not judge whatever is arising, the way you would be with a child who feel down and hurt themselves. You would just hold them on your lap and let them cry.

So, whatever you are going through in these times, I invite you to slow down and be gentle with yourself. Take time to nurture yourself in ways that are helpful for you. Take time to just be with and experience what you are experiencing.
Sometimes when things are most challenging, we find our deepest strength and greatest growth.