Choosing to call Diane was one of the best decisions I made for myself. Meeting her was like talking to a familiar friend. First, she helped me by providing a safe space to talk openly about my feelings. Then, over more sessions, Diane provided a listening ear, support, and insight to help me feel equipped to handle the unexpected stresses and heavy low points that came my way during the deepest parts of my depression. Thanks to our sessions, I felt less anxious and learned to pay more attention to my own needs both mentally and emotionally. Our sessions left me feeling empowered, hopeful, and ready to take charge of my life again. I am forever grateful. Thank You, Diane!

We have been seeing Diane for couples counseling for a while and have had a great experience. She creates a supportive environment, is an insightful listener and she offers kind and respectful suggestions to help us articulate our feelings clearly and with love, even on really charged topics. I always leave feeling upbeat and happy about our relationship’s strengths and I think that ability to help you see and appreciate your strengths together is the hallmark of an excellent couples therapist. An additional comment to those on the fence – we have chosen to go to couples counseling proactively – to help us deal with challenging issues before we get close to the point of break up. It has been such a worthy investment for our relationship of over a decade. – Couples Counseling Client

I was amazed that something I had experienced for a long time, was changed in minutes and shifted me to a whole other level. – RCM

Rarely have I experienced a counselor with the presence and perspective Diane Hough brings to her practice. Diane’s insight, reflection and support have proved an invaluable resource on my life path. – JKB ~ San Rafael, CA