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There is a place that exists deep within us, that is deeper than the daily stresses of life that is completely at peace. If you would like to learn to tune into that place more often and make it a habit in your daily life then read on.

There are many scientific articles on the benefits of relaxation for your body and your brain. To get those benefits, you don’t have to take years to learn to meditate, in fact you can start to get benefits from these relaxation tips instantly. Most of us have a fast paced lifestyle with a lot of our energy going out all day long. Much energy goes out through our senses, our eyes, ears, etc., not to mention the fact that a lot of people sit and work at a compute or desk for many hours at a time. This has a tendency to bring one’s energy up into the head and making one feel disconnected from their body. Meditation is geared toward bringing one’s attention back into oneself and can be very helpful in slowing down and quieting the mind.

Anxiety Free and Unconditional Love Guided Meditations CD

Diane Hough, music by David Gibson

Anxiety Free – 20:42 – Imagine being empowered to be able to move through and release anxiety without fear. Diane not only helps you to let go of anxiety, she takes you to a state of pure bliss. The music is from the “Enlightment” CD, which has binaural beats in Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Deep Delta to aid in coming to a place of peace once again.

Sample: “Anxiety Free”

Unconditonal Love – 22:11 – We are fish swimming in an ocean of Love. Diane takes you deeper and deeper into a state of love, love, love — A place where all the love in the universe is available. The place where we are all meant to be all the time. The accompanying music is “Unconditional Divine Peach” (which is Unconditional Love at half speed). Love and light to your heart.

43 minutes total

CD $20.00 ($5 shipping)


 MP3 (immediate download) $16.00

Progressive Relaxation and Calm Sleep Guided Meditations CDDiane Hough, music by David Gibson

Progressive Relaxation – 22:26 – Diane takes you deeper and deeper, into a state of complete relaxation. The CD, “Awakening” with Cello and Harp is in the background. This CD has binaural beats that entrain your brain into Theta, then Delta to enhance the relaxation process.

Sample: “Progressive Relaxation”

Calm Sleep – 17:38 – Diane takes you down to a state of deep peace and relaxation so you can gently drift off into a peaceful sleep. The “Calm Sleep” CD is in the background. (which incorporates Binaural Beats in Delta to entrain you into a sweet and restful sleep)

CD ($5 shipping) $20.00

MP3 (immediate download) $16.00
Releasing Stuck Emotions and Releasing Pain Guided Meditations CDDiane Hough, music by David Gibson

Releasing Stuck Emotions – 16:30 – Some say that Stuck Emotions are the cause of 50% of all diseases. In this powerful guided meditation Diane helps you to effortlessly overcome the resistance to emotions, and to release them — leaving you in a place of perfect presence and divine peace. The music is from the CD, “Anti-Depressant, which has binaural beats in Alpha.

Sample: “Releasing Stuck Emotions”

Releasing Pain – 14:29 – Imagine being able to use your mind to release physical pain. There is nothing better if you are suffering from minor pains to extreme chronic pain. And — no side effects. Diane helps you to feel the pain free parts of your body again, and feel peace once again. The CD, “Water of Life” is in the background — incorporating binaural beats in Theta and Delta.

31 minutes total

CD ($5 shipping) $20.00

MP3 (immediate download) $16.00